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Letter: Cuba-US: A speech to Miami
Published on June 19, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

On June 16, as it was announced, Donald Trump visited the city of Miami and delivered a speech to an audience formed by the worst Cuban exiles, who had gathered at the Manuel Artime Theater to learn about the new measures that would be implanted against Cuba.

It is interesting to analyze the environment in which the act took place and the concrete results of it.

Trump, following the pattern of every US presidential speech, had someone write it for him and that person was responsible for highlighting in it some names and situations, which in addition to adding clumsiness, defined the lack of knowledge of Trump on Cuba.

Among the things that the president read was calling the 2506 Brigade mercenaries, who surrendered in less than 72 hours, "heroic."

The speech touched on an amalgam of facts that, instead of benefiting the United States, denigrates it, like Operation Peter Pan, organized by the CIA and repudiated by the majority of those who arrived in the United States forced by the same ones.

He spoke of the disappearance of people, of murders by the police, which reminds us of the times of Batista, the dictator who, thanks to the support of the United States, was badly ruling Cuba until the Revolution triumphed.

I speak of people who are detained when they go to pray in temples and churches. The absence of freedoms and respect for human rights. Of the danger that Cuba had atomic weapons, something that refers to the 60s of the last century and that Cuba has sent arms to Korea, which raises doubt that Mr Trump knows where Korea is.

Clearly, this was not exactly a speech in Miami, but a speech to Miami, full of demagoguery, lies and misrepresentation, which was pleasing to the ears of those who went to the theater to watch the blood run.

There was no lack of reference to Venezuela and Cuba's help in its plans against the people of that country.

According to Trump, the United States is the champion of freedom, democracy, the country where human rights violations are not discussed, where there are no political prisoners and where their armed forces help other peoples of the world to remain free.

Their actions on Cuba will be directed in that direction, to liberate the Cuban people and that the exiles will be able to return to their homes, in addition to claiming their property, now with new owners, the Cuban people.

All this says it as if it were true, or at least it seems to be convinced of what it exposes, although it could be deceived, which implies that it is easy to deceive, like a fool, the president of the United States.

The main thing was not in the rhetoric, the demagoguery and the phrases he said so that some would feel happy. Many kisses, hugs, handshakes, applause, pointing out supposed "heroes" who were in the audience, gift of feather to some of them, all that was part of the show.

The main thing was in the executive order that he signed and if it really implies a change in relations between Cuba and the United States, according to the "agreements" reached during the Obama administration.

We can say that there are some changes and novelties, but that of some, things were not even talked about. According to a communication dated June 16 issued by the White House Press Office on the executive order, we have the following:

If you do not sign another order tomorrow, the trips to Cuba of people of Cuban origin are still the same, the same can be said of remittances and trips to the United States to visit relatives and other reasons, all in an orderly and visa-free manner.

Of the airlines that travel to Cuba from the United States and the transatlantic tourism, nothing new.

In relation to the accommodation of Americans in Cuba, it is proposed in the order not to allow it with establishments or hotels under the direction of the Business Administration Group, because it is considered linked to the Cuban armed forces.

It confirms, long established, not to allow Americans to travel to Cuba for tourism purposes. Visitors to the academic, artistic, and other sectors should travel in groups, not individually as authorized by Obama.

As a policy change, within the indications issued by Trump, is the increase of trade with the private sector. It does not say with which private sector it is concerned, but in Cuban agriculture we have a strong private sector and the secretary of agriculture, appointed by Trump, is in favor of trade with it.

It also ratifies the policy of blockade against Cuba and opposes the efforts that can be made in the United Nations and other international organizations to terminate it. In September we will see how they vote the resolution against the blockade at  the United Nations.

It is said that the improvement of relations between Cuba and the United States will depend on the action of the Cuban government in order to increase compliance with the laws, the way of life of the people, respect for human rights and the increase of political freedoms, economic and religious. All of which will be determined by the United States.

The order directs the Departments of Commerce and Treasury to start work on the corresponding regulations within a period of 30 days. This process, according to experts, could take several months in which the current regulations will continue.

So far as mentioned in the executive order, what was not mentioned, for the moment remains the same.

As you can see, these regulations affect those who are Americans, what they can or cannot do according to them.

The change of policy towards Cuba has been reduced to what the "country of freedom" allows its citizens to do in relation to Cuba.

It was evident that this activity was not directed at Cuba or the Cubans, but at the Americans of Cuban origin who participated in it. Not once was the name of Martí, Maceo or any of our heroes mentioned. The crowd shouted USA ... USA ... USA ... and finally, an émulo by Ferruccio Burgos, as he played a violin solo, the United States anthem.

This was a speech to Miami. It cannot be pronounced elsewhere in the world. I think Trump scoffed at the audience.

They are lost.

Dr Néstor García Iturbe

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