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Letter: Farewell from Peter Binose
Published on December 14, 2015 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Well folks I have given the last ten years of my life exposing the Vincentian scum in politics and must admit I am worn out. I am an old man and have given up between six and eight hours every day to researching and writing what I believe to be the truth. I have made during that time only three mistakes that I know of in my research and on each occasion I have realized the mistake and apologized online for such mistakes.

I have dealt with a host of very nasty people that the ULP have sent after me online to try and disprove what I say and also to try and convince the readers that wrong is right. They have all failed abysmally and most everything I wrote came to pass and proved to be spot on correct. Some of the people who have attacked me have been Ralph Gonsalves and his press secretary Hans King, using a whole mixture of false names and making false claims and writing absolute crap.

Well now I am tired and it is time for someone younger to take the reins and try and keep the political truth running through these most important online columns.

So it is with great regret that I must say goodbye and hope you all manage to rid yourselves of the scum at sometime in the future.

For those of you that have supported the ultra wicked ULP regime, perhaps you deserve the future that you are guaranteed by your support, as the island sinks deeper into the mire and you with it.

Fortunately, I will now reside and stay in my UK and US homes, where I have comfort and everything in life that I require. I have tried to help Vincentians but it seems the majority cannot be helped because of an ingrained ignorance and a slave mentality with the need to have a white master.

Those of you who have property and houses in SVG, you will see a major drop in the value of your homes, houses will become unsalable and will only sell at giveaway prices. Bank foreclosures will accelerate as people become poorer and poorer and will be unable to service their mortgages.

I am cushioned from all the filth and communist poison that you in SVG will have to endure as the country is reduced to a settlement of peasants and the intelligentsia runs for cover abroad. Expect things to get worse over the next five years and the Gonsalves/Francis family dynasty blooms and treats the state as its private plantation.

Expect young policemen, nurses and teachers to be treated unfairly, as their futures are spoiled by those favoured by the regime for promotion leapfrogging over them.

You will see an increase in crime, because the youth have just been given a ULP lesson that crime pays. To steal from the state pays and to tell lies and commit sexual atrocities against women and girls is okay.

There will be a decline in business as people have less money in their pocket, less money spent means fewer shops and stores are required. Failed businesses will accelerate and the city of Kingstown will gradually be reduced to a ghost town. There will be no call for business land at the old airport site, because why would you want two cities when you have one already empty. A shrinking customer base will mean shrinking business with lots of surplus retail space in Kingstown. Kingstown will be reduced to a ramshackle city because of government neglect of infrastructure. Empty buildings are like unused cars, they rot and fall apart.

Roads and drains will get even worse than they are today, many times worse. The government will be without income and without revenue; they will jack up VAT to 20% and increase import duties in an attempt to stay afloat. PetroCaribe will fold as Venezuela continues the process of political and social implosion, so loans will be recalled and no more loans will be allowed.

The airport that has already bankrupted the country will further bankrupt the country as it loses vast operational sums and with very little income. No major airlines will use it as a regular route because of insufficient available passenger traffic. Whatever ET Joshua did, this new airport Argyle will do a little better with the occasional 400-seat charter carrying those from the Diaspora home for Christmas and other holidays. At least Arnos Vale was paid for and it earned money, or at least it was not a massive drain on the people who live in SVG. The Argyle airport was built for those living in the Diaspora but the people at home will have to pay the massive bill for recurring losses.

The farmers will remain poor because agriculture has been all but destroyed by the policies of the ULP regime. It does not fit the model for there to be rich farmers; those which have not been so far will be reduced to little more than old brown hens scratching in the soil for a few grains to eat.

Then at the end of the day the family dynasty will continue to get richer and richer and the peasants will get poorer and poorer. Remember it’s a scientific plan by a professor of political science who also happens to be a practicing scientific socialist scientist. A man who has a lifetime plan for a revolution in SVG without the usual bloodletting, a clever man a man with great charisma, yet a very dangerous man to anyone who fails to openly support him, the dynasty and all his policies.

You think that what happened to Bigger Biggs and Marcos DeFreitas and all those who had spite and malice applied to them during the last 14 years was bad, well watch out, it is going to get many times worse.

Many of you deserve what you get, but those who do not, farewell and sorry my quest to remove the scum failed.


Peter Binose
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C. ben-David:

"I have tried to help Vincentians but it seems the majority cannot be helped because of an ingrained ignorance and a slave mentality with the need to have a white master."

The truest words you have ever spoken and the root causes of our failure as a people.

Much of what you say will come true though in a less extreme manner.

Some day historians will look back and call the short period between the end of Crown Colony rule and full independence the golden age of Vincentian civilization.


Not so fast Peter. You've told us in due course you'll proved that the ULP cheated in last Wednesday's general election. Well we are still awaiting hard evidence from you sir. MAN YOU ARE A BIG JOKER!

Peter you are not THE MOST HIGH GOD, NOR RALPH GONSALVES. One man is in control of SVG that is the MOST HIGH. The ULP is a democratically elected government for and by the people. From the inception of Peter Binose on the political landscape, he never had anything positive to say about SVG. Because of his biasness towards the current regime. No one is going to miss you Peter. Stay up there and enjoy the cold weather we'll stay in SVG and continue to advance the wellbeing of all VINCENTIANS regardless of party affiliation. I am a PROUD/PATRIOTIC VINCY.

Is Peter Binose an OBEAH man? It seems so cause you've claimed SVG would continue to decline drastically because of the re-election of the ULP. Well if that's the case, why is it Mr. Eustace during the recent election campaign, embraced some programs/policy of the governing regime. Ask yourself that question. Poor soul!

Mr Sammy Smith:

Observer, it's hardly suprising you failed to state you name, as you comments are absolute rubbish.

I am not Vincentian but I have followed Peter's articles with interest. Yes he is against the current regime, but it did not stop him exposing the short comings of the government.

I cannot wait for the case again this illegal regime to be brought before the courts. They will be expose for what they are.

A government is suppose to be for the people, apart from family and personal friends who in SVG has benefitted from the Gonslaves Government?

Thank you Peter it's sad to see you go.

Peter Binose:

Observer I was wondering if you are simply scum or an idiot, perhaps both. I decided that you are probably a very nice person, perhaps misguided.

Remember Gonsalves told us that when he works Obeah he only works Obeah for the Lord. Why not take your little prodding stick and poke him up the arse instead.

Other than that thank you for your kind words, I know you mean well. I am sure you regard the hate and spite and moral filth that has come from Wun Phat Pratt just as I do as disgusting and I am sure you will now write something about that so as we can see that you are not really controlled by him or are a robot.

C Nichols:

We in the Diaspora wish to thank Peter for the amazing insight that he has given us over the years into what has truthfully gone on in SVG.

Without his writing we would just never have been aware of all the dreadful things that have been afflicted on the people of SVG.

When he has been attacked by the people who he rightly described as those wishing to make wrong right he was capable of beating them up on every occasion, none ever got the better of him.

So thank you once again Peter, yours will be a difficult act to follow, but lets hope someone will quickly fill your shoes.

Peter please keep watching because we may ask you to come back, unless that is you will change your mind and reverse your decision?

Good bye Peter we will miss you.


Peter Binose up to his old tricks again!

Now we have Sammy Binose, C Nichols Binose and expect more Pro-Binose’s “alter egos” coming soon.

Peter Binose could never ever say “FAREWELL” and live up to his/her words. NEVER, EVER! I DARE YOU PETER BINOSE! Why? You’re a liar to your heart, that’s why. Always was, always is and always would be. And liars can’t be trusted.

Oh, so now you’ve decided to just make comments. Is that so? Well “dog luck aint cat luck”.

A cat like Vinciman never wrote “litters” like you, and well …”who’s crying now …who’s heart is aching for breaking each vow”… certainly not Vinciman. ULP …FOUR IN A ROW!

Binose you will forever be, “once a punk always a punk”. Welcome back “ah death”!

Imagine, five more years of “dog dodo” from the Binose family. Puke!

Nevertheless. “Singing in the rain, I’m singing in the rain
Did cash my check, I bought a plane and a train.
La la la la, la la la, no ride for Binose let him walk in vain”…Punk!
Ha! Ha! Ha! ‘Oh lard me belly ah bust’!

Tim Sweeney:

Peter I don't know you but I think you are telling the truth. We just started watching the TV series "Breaking Bad" which is quite popular here in the US. It shows, graphically, what happens to everyone who makes the terrible decision to become involved in the drug business and sell their soul to the devil in the process. In the series the man starts with many good intentions, he is dying of cancer and wants to amass enough money to take care of his family. But before he makes his first one dollar in profit he is forced to brutally kill three would be robbers. Then they kill an innocent man, now there is no going back as one senseless tragedy leads even more quickly to the next one. At show#11 he now has millions of dollars but the cartel has sniffed it out and is threatening to kill him, his wife, his son, and new born daughter. But, if you have knowledge of the drug world, the weak are eliminated and only the most ruthless killers rise to the top. I believe Jesus Christ will soon return as almost all the prophecies in Daniel and the book of Revelation have now occurred. I also believe this Obama is the Antichrist, but whether you agree or not still, Jesus Christ is your only hope. Seek Him while you can, as we are not promised even tomorrow.


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