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Commentary: Climate change and common sense
Published on January 25, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Ewin James

I'm not a scientist, I'm not a brilliant man and only moderately intelligent -- but of this I'm absolutely certain: the climate change alarm is a hoax. A whole pile of rubbish. I say so because of common sense. We are told that if we continue living as we are using fossil fuels -- coal and oil -- to maintain our present lifestyles, the planet will in a short time become unbearably hot and we could all burn up; so we have to save the planet. That is nonsense born of hubris.

Ewin James is a freelance journalist living in Longwood, Florida
First, the earth is thousands, if not millions of years old; and man has not destroyed it, yet in one generation we are going to do so? For thousands of years man has been living directly off the earth and ravaging it, by cutting down its trees for fuel and burning them releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide and other chemicals; by extracting coal and other minerals and burning them, and yet he didn't destroy the planet or make it uninhabitable. It has always regenerated itself for future generations.

Now we are told that we are experiencing record heat -- greater than at any one time in history. Is that so? We have been keeping track of the weather for fewer than two hundred years, so we have no way of how the planet heated and cooled itself for most of its existence. I believe that there have been cycles of warming and cooling since God made the earth but these had to do with nature, not anything man did.

We are also told that the temperature will rise so high over the next 40 to 50 years to make the planet uninhabitable. As a result sea levels will rise massively flooding and destroying some of the world's cities. But what is that prediction based on? Computer models -- nothing else, for it can be based on nothing else.

In addition we are a told that there are a record number of earthquakes occurring now, though for most of the earth's existence we were not around and so we have no way of knowing how frequent earthquakes were at any given time in the past. It's all speculation.

Let’s put it this way. Suppose I came to you and told you with magisterial certainty that on May 10, 2018, at 10:00 am the temperature in Longwood, Florida, where I live will be exactly 87 degrees -- no higher, no lower -- would you believe me? No you wouldn't for there would be no certainty of forecasting that. It could by chance be that, or lower or higher.

The computer can't predict the future with that certainty. Yet, based on computer predictions, we are told that in the next 50 years the planet will be so hot that we could all die.

In the 1970s, when I was a boy growing in up Jamaica, I once became scared; for scientists and computers had predicted that based on birthrate trends, in 20 years the planet would be over populated with no space for everyone. One scientist -- who coincidentally, now is pushing the global warming nonsense -- wrote a book saying that in 20 years the existing order would collapse, due to mass starvation because the population would be too great for food supplies. We all know how that turned out.

The real reason for the climate change alarm is that there is big money to be made from it. Climate change alarmists get huge amounts of money from governments as grants to study the putative occurrence. And a host of other companies get money as 'green subsidies'. The list of companies and foundations soliciting funds from governments are numberless. At the head of them are world organizations such as Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, the World Wildlife Fund, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Climate Project.

The Daily Wire, a conservative opinion website, said on October 7, 2016: “Money from the federal government and leftist organizations fuels a lot of misinformation from man-made global warming alarmists. Climate change alarmism is an extremely lucrative industry. All in all, there have been over $32.5 billion of federal government grants that have funded climate change research from 1989-2009, far more than any research funded by the oil industry.”

In addition there is a gaggle of private individuals who are paid, some handsomely, for giving speeches warning about the dangers of climate change -- raising alarm -- and also for consulting with governments and corporations. The sad thing is that well thinking people believe them and may alter their lives as a result.
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Wild generalizations of the same type the writer accuses the people whom he dimisses as scaremeongers.

There is compelling scientific evidence for concern, but the writer excuses his ignorance in his first sentence.


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