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Commentary: TPS, Haitians and President Donald Trump
Published on May 6, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Jean H Charles

Come next July 22, 2017, the Temporary Protected Status (TPS), accorded to some 60.000 Haitians migrants who fled their ravaged country after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, that may have killed some 300.000 people, will come to a determination for cancellation or renewal by the president of the United States. The Department of Justice has recommended to the Trump administration to cancel the TPS privilege on behalf of those Haitian people on the rationale there has been sufficient progress in recovery in their home country.

Jean H Charles LLB, MSW, JD, is a regular contributor to the opinion section of Caribbean News Now.  He can be reached at
Countless numbers of organizations, including the Catholic Church and politicians of both sides of the aisle, in particular Haitian American New York Council member Mathieu Eugene have all advocated to the president to renew the TPS for the Haitians for the regular two-year cycle.

Such demand is made on the ground that recurrent disasters have occurred in the country, such as recent hurricane Matthew that devastated the entire southern part of the country in August 2016 and the cholera epidemic wrought by the United Nations in 2010 that killed 9,200 and infected some 77,000 more people. To this calamity one must add the generalized misery of the population due to constant political upheaval.

President Donald Trump in his campaign pledged to rid America of illegal immigrants who reportedly take jobs from Americans. He has been going into a tug of war with the Democratic Party as well as the judiciary in implementing his goal of building a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States and closing the airport gates for citizens of some Muslim countries with a propensity of recruiting ISIS fighters.

By contrast, President Donald Trump has a soft heart for refugees, who suffer discrimination or oppression because of their religious beliefs; he let in Syrian Coptics who were cornered by Muslim fanatics in their own homeland. Catholic Haiti has the full support of the American bishops who have made a strong stance on their behalf to President Trump.

In addition, I must add that the Haitian migrants who benefited from the TPS status have developed roots in the country; they have bought homes and properties and they have children who are now American citizens, frequenting schools and mingling with their counterparts. A proposal to send their parents back to Haiti will create such a social imbroglio that no department of Social Services in the United States could decipher.

At a recent rally in front of New York City Hall sponsored by Councilman Eugene Mathieu, attended by the only Haitian American bishop, Mgr. Guy Sansarick, I was asked to speak by Eugene, I to the opportunity to add another layer to the humanitarian grounds for ruling on behalf of the Haitians: I said President Trump owes a dime to the Haitian people in particular the Haitian American voters from Florida.

Akin to the Hassidic Jews, the Haitian American community tends to vote en bloc following counsel from their leader. They have voted en masse for Donald Trump in the last election. This time around, for an immigrant population that tends to vote the Democratic agenda, due to the alleged misappropriation of the world’s financial support for Haiti after the earthquake by Bill Clinton and his associates, it switched its allegiance to the Republican candidate.

Some $11 billion was promised for or remitted to the Haitian Fund for recovery. Seven years later not much impact or result could be seen in the life, the institutions or the infrastructure of the country. The Haitian people see Bill Clinton as well as his wife Hillary Clinton as Molière, the famous French writer, reflected about his benefactor Cardinal Richelieu: “He has done too much harm towards me to be grateful to him, and too much good for me to say bad things about him.”

Hillary Clinton could add the Haitian-Americans to the list of those who robbed her of the victory, in addition to Wikileaks, the Russians and the FBI Director. At the Women’s Power Luncheon held on April 17, 2017, in New York and hosted by the National Action Network, the organization led by Reverend Al Sharpton, I introduced myself to Mrs Omarosa Manigault Newman, President Trump’s assistant and director of communications and public liaison at the White House.

In our conversation I made the pitch to remind the president that the Haitian people should be on his preferred list because they were supporters of his candidacy. Florida went his way in part because of the demonstrated advocacy of the Haitian leaders on the voters to cast their ballots on behalf of the Republican nominee.

In addition, the United States has an historical debt towards Haiti. That country was the only one in the hemisphere that stood by America in its fight to win its independence from England by sending 400 troops from St Marc Haiti to participate in the Battle of Savannah. In addition, but for the Haitian Revolution, the Louisiana Purchase could not have taken place. Napoleon Bonaparte, dejected from his defeat in Haiti, abandoned his plan for an American empire and sold the Louisiana territory for pennies to Thomas Jefferson. Jean Baptiste le Sabre, a Haitian born in St Marc, Haiti, is the founder of Chicago. The first and only prospective black American saint, Pierre Toussaint is of Haitian origin.

For these reasons and many more, President Donald Trump should profit from the special Haitian Flag Day coming on May 18 to sign the TPS extension for them. They are, in general, law abiding citizens who just deserve a chance to serve a country willing to adopt them.

I am glad to report that Mrs Omarosa Newman was most responsive to the advocacy. To quote her own answer: “We want them here, they will not be deported; the TPS extension will be signed.”

In the light of today’s fake news making its way into legitimate news, May 18 is around the corner, we will soon know whether we can count on the affirmation of a public official given willingly. In the meantime, Haitian TPS holders stay calm, everything will be alright, the American institutions are on your side, thank them profusely, and President Trump is inclined to rule on your behalf in spite of the dissenting advice of his Department of Justice, which finds Haiti is safe enough for your return to a home still in turmoil and filled with today natural catastrophes due to prolonged national governmental indolence and international interference!
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Prof. Yves A. Isidor:
Haiti, Technically Sovereign Statelet Nation of Untold Number of Problems, Still, Basket-Case Land Is Not for Sale

By Yves A. Isidor

Well, heck, who went as far as having the audacity to say in a May 2, 2017 opinion piece in the daily Boston Globe, “Haiti should relinquish its sovereignty? Richard Albert, a constitutional law professor at Boston College Law School, according to the residual, biographical information at the very end of the same op-ed article.

Whose opinion piece clearly shows that he lacks the capacity, preferably authority (from the Latin, auctoritas) needed to suggest that Haiti should cease to exist as a sovereign land, and that Canada, for example, will, hopefully, be of significant help, if the Haitians or the morons are to cease proving that they lack, even the pedestrian level of intelligence of the “racist to the core white man or that of Adolf Hitler? Again, that of Professor Albert.

Whose written prose piece, despite the fact he also identified himself as a graduate, and only of Ivy league universities – Yale, Harvard, and Oxford - still his article of the same, in the daily Boston Globe, more reads like the story of a neighborhood boy standing on one side of the street in his neighborhood throwing stones at another one who happened to be on the alternate side of the same street, and this anti-social behavior, in an effort to set childish scores, more reflects the situation describes immediately above than what one should consider to be a serious opinion piece? By way of further explanation, his article is so poorly written that I do not have to resist from saying that it significantly lacks what I would call the “literary elasticity.” And furthermore, not the type of writing, by many measures, one can permit himself or herself, with authority, to say is Descartian or Platoan that is always expected of a professor or teacher of the highest rank in a college or university, and especially one with institutions of higher learning academic credentials. Once again, the opinion piece written by Professor Albert.

Is the suggestion that Haiti self-invalidates its rights to sovereignty, which were not given to it, but gained, and at what would even fifty years later or so, long after it told the French that “you are no longer the self-designated masters to subject Toussaint Louverture,” for example, “to a severe beating for simply expressing interest in learning Latin,” a particular strategy that reflects that of “Father knows best,” theory, as they often say in the vernacular, or that of a psychiatric condition unfolding? I don’t know – but it tells me that absolutely anything is possible, especially when the office of the presidency of Haiti regrettably continues to be the equal of a tribal chieftancy naturally shifting to very bad (“bad hombres,” to borrow the words of U.S. President Donald J. Trump) men in ascendancy.

Still, this particular humiliation, like many others, which, indisputably, has been proved to be extremely destructive, in large part irreversibly so, for the vast majority of the Haitian people, as chiefly affirmed by their continued horrible quality of life, must not be interpreted to mean that Haiti is, in part or in full, for sale. It belongs, and so will it always be so, rather, only to Haitians and those of Haitian extraction. This, even when it continues to be hijacked by a group of thieves and significantly incompetent men and women who apparently have vowed to keep other Haitian nationals, particularly those who have become citizens, by naturalization, of their host nations/countries, at a distance, and this, by so-called or crooked constitutional means, so their way of life, that of the practice of “grand thievery,” may not be consigned to the archives of history. Overall, a form of moral, political and intellectual dishonesty.

About the author, who is of the City of Cambridge, MA (USA)

If there is a number of rare achievers, those whose experience, vision and versatility, to cite only these ones, across a range of areas – all by the standards of leading academics, thinkers and professionals – have evoked interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way, the writer, Yves A. Isidor , of this text, is not simply one of them but prominently figures among this miniscule group of persons with highly developed intellectual powers; more, for the very reason he is one whose ideas will also prove to be of significance for helping shape an innumerable numbers of men and women’s understanding, principally the comprehension of those in the Western World, about the long confirmed horrible practice of the Prophet Muhammad’s disease, “Terrorism;” such an anticipated unmatched achievement, in truth, by way of his widely awaited book, “ Muhammad, the Prophet of Devastation,” of which subtitle is: “’From a Curable Vaccine for the Prophet’s Disease, ‘Terrorism,’ to God, the Grand Forgery, and Dominican Republic/Haiti, the Genociders, Where Do We Go From Here?’ ” (tentative title) ; furthermore, for placing a particular emphasis on ultimately being significantly of assistance in finding a curable vaccine for what has long been, by irrefutable evidence, and without reservations, or quasi-infinitesimally so, described to be a corrosive disease.

And a sort of addendum, what other information, also extremely of importance, the writer of this text has to convey, still by way of the written word? The numerous acts of beheadings, to also say the too many other acts of “grand-barbarism,” for their extreme cruelty or brutality, too, and with regularity, all in his name, are also valuable to the understanding of the lethality of the malady that is famously known as “Terrorism” – see a long but still incomplete list of acts of terrorism ordered or supported by the Prophet Muhammad himself:…/List_of_Killings_Ordered_or_Support… .

The author, of the City of Cambridge, in the state of Massachusetts, has long taught economics at United States of America's colleges and universities, principally the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. But not before, after many years, he voluntarily ceased to be a grade school teacher, a High School educator, mainly in the Boston Public Schools (BPS) system.

“In Europe, most people speak more than one language. Some speak three or four or more. Multilingualism is a sign of intellectual achievement and sophistication,” eloquently wrote Hé ctor Tobar, a professor of journalism at the University of Oregon; the author of the novels “The Barbarian Nurseries” and “The Tattooed Soldier” and a contributing opinion writer, in a 15 November 2016 opinion article, “The Spanish Lesson I Never Got at School,” in The New York Times. Does Professor Tobar have a point? Certainly, he does.

Often Professor Isidor, who is also learned in Greek and Latin, serves in the capacity of editor, ghostwriter for authors of books. Greek and Latin, in addition to Hebrew, were the languages Isidore of Seville contended were "sacred" and therefore the only languages suitable for the Holy Bible. The executive editor of, a democracy and human rights journal, that he is, too, often conveys his thoughts or opinion to the U.S. news media, others, especially on issues associated with Haiti. To such a great degree are so his interviews , his writings have not been proven to be exercises in futility, rather extremely valuable components for documentaries on Haiti.
Excerpt from one of the many requests for interviews

To Subject: re: Requesting an interview for the documentary "Haiti-200 Years Later." Date: Thu, 09 Sp 2004 18:08:06-0400

“We have been shooting in Haiti since December 2003 and have interviews with Timothy Carney, James Dobbins, the opposition leaders in Haiti, Michael Ratner, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Danny Glover and others in Haiti as well. We also recently had an interview with Aristide in South Africa.”
“We would greatly appreciate an interview with you to gain your insight on the situation, as you have written such informational and valuable articles on We also need a true and balanced perspective for this documentary.”

We, an encyclopedic publication that also publishes in-depth analytic reports, with an emphasis on issues related to democracy and human rights.

Overall, one may conclude Professor Isidor more than practices politics as politics, in the form of serious books or opinion articles – not beach type ones or just something to read; his works are indeed literature; poetic, too, for the many expressions, by a large measure, that unquestionably reflect his activities involving mental effort; and democracy (representative or not), he is always convinced that it must be bigger, even than the non-constitutional king or monarch (meaning his word is the law of the land), if a nation/country is to continue to, at a minimum, achieve progress, or even a lot more of so - be it on a continuous basis or not; this particular reasoning, to paraphrase some of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s words (“American democracy is bigger than any one person; and in multiethnic, multiracial, multicultural societies, like the United States, it can be especially complicated”) during a November 16, 2016 brief visit in the land of Plutarch.

Professor Isidor’s columns’ worth, principally those on issued related to financial markets, with an emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean, in both the French and Spanish languages, and on demand, has been recognized by editors and gutted their publications to accommodate them.
The single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, “fluency” best describes his ability to speak and write the Haitian Creole lingo easily and accurately. If for Professor Isidor, who is conversant in the Portuguese and Italian languages, serving also in the capacity of a financial and business consultant, for a long duration of time so, too, suggests something other than the usual expressions of commendation or admiration, “Eximius, Perrarus” or “Exceptional, Superb,” of course, other than being duly and directly remunerated for his professional services, it is the many honors that have been conferred on him. The United States of America Small Business Advocate Award is one of them. And so is The New England Entrepreneur of the Year Award (finalist), sponsored by Ernst & Young, Inc. Magazine and Merrill Lynch.

The Lord, by Moses, to Pharaoh uttered the following few words: “Oh! Let my people go.” If the writer of this written work is to paraphrase the utterer of the above potent words, of course, of significant religious nature, must he rather say: “Let him continue to press forward; let his comportment be a continuum - one that can unquestionably be a model for others to follow.”

The author of this book will always be a person who is best known for being concerned with moral principles and problems. Contrary to untold numbers of others, principally the confirmed enemies (also but particularly the proven distant terrorist descendants of the Prophet Muhammad) of liberty, he always finds that he must take the imperative to be a dictate of pure reason (please see Emmanuel Kant), that the welfare of all others - which may also or alternately, specifically be best explained by the utility gained through the achievement of material goods and services - is a thing more important than his personal fortunes. This, even when he finds no one to be in support of what may be best described as his vigorous effort, still for remaining a person full of energy, as those, the perennial, affirmed enemies of progress, in all of its manifestations, are ferociously attempting to convince him that he should rather emulate all of the other men and women who have always found it to be normal, even a God-mandate, to perpetuate the status quo, even when it is one that is convinced to be for the worse, as is often ultimately proven. Like numerous others, including his widely anticipated written work, Muhammad, the Prophet of Devastation,” of which subtitle is: “’From a Curable Vaccine for the Prophet’s Disease, ‘Terrorism,’ to God, the Grand Forgery, and Dominican Republic/Haiti, the Genociders, Where Do We Go From Here? ’” (tentative title) – a cathedral of potent words - an achievement, without his é minence grise, that would even be unconceivable.

The writer of prõdigium (prodigious) talents, the one with noted academic credentials, who is now finishing writing a book, “Muhammad, the Prophet of Devastation,” of which subtitle is: “’From a Curable Vaccine for the Prophet’s Disease, ‘Terrorism,’ to God, the Grand Forgery, and Dominican Republic/Haiti, the Genociders, Where Do We Go From Here? ’” (tentative title), certainly can be reached at: And please see for more background information.

May 4, 2017

Supplemental Reading - One of Haiti’s “Bad Hombres” – a vile, blood-drenched dictatorship (excerpts from the widely anticipated book: Muhammad, the Prophet of Devastation,” of which subtitle is: “’From a Curable Vaccine for the Prophet’s Disease, ‘Terrorism,’ to God, the Grand Forgery, and Dominican Republic/Haiti, the Genociders, Where Do We Go From Here? ’” (tentative title) – a cathedral of potent words - an achievement, without his éminence grise, that would even be unconceivable.

François “Papa Doc” Duvalier and the Phrase he Would Use to Kill 30,000 to 60,000 Haitians and Exile of Many More

By Yves A. Isidor

He was then Haiti’s latest notorious, sanguinary dictator, as though the presidency of Haiti were a tribal chieftaincy naturally shifting to very bad men in ascendancy. François “Papa Doc” Duvalier ruled Haiti with the arbitrary arrests and torture of even assumed dissidents. The despot consolidated his totalitarian dictatorship by also executing more than twenty eight Haitians in the relatively isolated, mid-sized city of Jérémie, in the Grande Anse department of Haiti. All or nearly all the victims, for principally being naturally mulattoes (or mixed Negro and white ancestry). The massacre of the same, including that of babies that were, with the help of the bayonet, thrown into the ocean, from flying helicopters, and which is referred to as the Vespers, took place during the months of August, September and October 1964. The tyrant later reaffirmed his tyrannical rule by executing nineteen officers of the Presidential Guard. The reason for so, he told his fellow Haitians the next day or so, during a gathering he convened, “All of those who were marked absent today, after their names were called and failed to knowledge their presence, were executed as subversives.”

Clement Jumelle was one of the two former opponents of François “Papa Doc” Duvalier in the 1957 presidential vote that would ultimately bring the former little country doctor to power. Mr. Jumelle who had withdrawn from the electoral contest on election day after he had concluded that the army was monitoring the vote, and the chosen victor would be Duvalier, two of his three brothers would then in the wee hours of 28-29 of August 1958 be gunned down. A third would spend more than nine months in prison under what even until today is literally called “Plot against the security of the state, and then be forced into permanent exile. Still, even in death Mr. Jumelle, the former presidential candidate, could not elude the new dictator’s grasp; more, he did not have the diligence of another former presidential Candidate, Louis Dejoie, to have fled into what would many years later become permanent exile to prevent the worst, brutal death, in truth, from occurring to him; and a lot more, when the unexpected would ultimately become a tragic fait accompli: The 28-year-old-plus murderous Duvalier dynasty that would on a day (7th ) of February 1986 end.

Mr. Jumelle, who after he was not declared a victor in the vote that was clearly a charade, for being extremely fraudulent, had taken refuge at the Port-au-Prince, Haiti Cuban Embassy, and where he would remain for the next twenty-one months, until death arrived, of complications from uremia. He was of the middle age of 42. As the hearse carrying the casket containing his remains was approaching the Roman Catholic Sacré -Coeur Church, in the then capital city of Port-au-Prince upper-middle class neighborhood of Turgeau, it was, at gunpoint prevented from continuing on its journey to the house of God, where a funeral mass was scheduled to be said for the victim, by the dictator’s thugs. The same villains who would at the same time subject some of the mourners to a severe beating, too. The seized cadaver of Mr. Jumelle would immediately thereafter be transported directly to the national palace, itself for an even more severe beating (including punching, slapping and ejecting saliva forcibly from the dictator mouth, as a gesture of contempt or anger, even against the dead man) by the tyrant himself.

A pattern of behavior, since many of his subalterns were forced to endure the same type of indignities, too, many would agree with the author of this book, that identified more with the Prophet’s Muhammad’s way of behaving, that of canning Muslim adherents accused of being “Infidels” for missing Friday Prayer or not sufficiently send those he determines to also be Apostates into their early graves, and violently so.

The remains of Mr. Jumelle would finally be entombed in his native city of Saint-Marc after they were further used, but this time by the sanguinary Duvalier to perform Voodoo ceremonies - all in an attempt to further solidify his dictatorial power.

The calendar year of 1964 was when François “Papa Doc” Duvalier declared himself president for life (why not in eternity, rather?). Destiny, Liberty, Responsibility, Nationalism, Noirisisme, and overall God. Among them is the French word, Noirisisme. As Matthew J. Smith ( 2004 ) defines it, this particular word had the meaning of an ideology “that advocated total control of the state apparatus by black representatives of the popular classes.” Those single elements of speech prominently figured among the many others ones he nasally emphasized on in his hours-long address, primarily to the whole of the Haitian populace. “L'é tat c'est moi” (“I am the state”), a political page the tyrant borrowed without attribution from the French King, Louis XIV.

And think more about Doctor Duvalier’s slide into dictatorship - not years after he first assumed fraudulent presidential power but days. As such, he was the fundamentals of the state. A totalitarian pronouncement that completely eroded the already reduced ability of other institutions. Particularly affected by such a declaration was the unicameral legislature, especially after the bi-cameral chamber parliament was abolished, as provided by the new constitution the tyrant would himself rewrite to favor only himself. No longer an institution having the constitutional power needed to scrutinize his decisions, those that concerned the affairs of the state. Haitians, in the privacy of their homes, would laughingly call, in the French “D’éput é s-j’approvent,” literally, “Yes sir men House of Representatives.” This particular situation, one that led to a “total one-man state, and useful only to bestow apparent constitutional legitimacy on the status quo or the presidency for life, which they often, by voice vote “is not negotiable.” No wonder why the rubber‐ stamp legislature proclaimed him “Incorruptible Leader of the Great Majority of the Haitian People, Renovator of the Republic, Chief of the Revolution and Spiritual Father of the Nation.”

Borrowing from the social sciences there is a general rule that reads as such: “Power corrupts, and absolutely power,” regardless of its nature – political or religious, to cite only these two – “corrupts absolutely,” is the best known quotation of the 19th century British politician Lord Acton. Are there similarities between the Prophet Muhammad’ barbaric, dictatorial, more so, terrorist acts and in particular those of Papa Doc Duvalier, who was of low birth?

Furthermore, do millions of adherents of the Muslim faith, the same ones who first are made to believe in absurdities, their annual voyage to the city of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, for demonstrations of affection of the Prophet or a thing called Allah differ the tens of thousands of Papa Doc’s largely illiterate and desperately poor subjects he was accustomed to have trucked, and this, at the expense of the private truck owners, and at gunpoint, into the capital city of Port-au-Prince to solely scream frenziedly, in the Haitian Creole lingo: “Du‐ val ‐ yeah, Du ‐ val ‐yeah avi! ” and “ Vive Papa Doc! ” The same penny-less peasants and others after the political event had concluded who would make the nation’s capital their new home, since they also lacked the bus fare needed to return to their villages or provincial municipalities. In truth they do, and in fact the difference are numerous. In reality, as the author has already written, the exception, however, is that those of Papa Doc Duvalier were aimed at the populace of a nation known as Haiti while the nearly innumerable acts of the Practice of the Prophet Muhammad disease, “Terrorism,” even today, rather continue to affect the whole world.

Yet, it is true that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Islamic State, and by its Arabic language acronym Daesh, is a Salafi jihadist unrecognized proto-state malefactor group; particularly one, among numerous others, that is indisputably the authentic representative of the Prophet Muhammad; an outfit that has, with regularity, posted propagandist videos with terror content online in an attempt to corrupt the moral, especially that of the youth; urging them to affirm their full participation, in the capacity of soldiers of the Caliphate, in extremist, fundamentalist organizations, among other prohibited outfits by law; by committing acts of unrestrained violence against the West; and this, also in an attempt to continue to prove that the Prophet remains one of devastation – not one of construction, for certain.

Haitians had other reasons to be worry about the future, including the totalitarian dictator’s mental health, that something of disorder - depression, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia – had affected his brain. And so did many foreign governments. He was observed (not diagnosed) by psychiatrists of a world power nation intelligence agency, which the author declines to identify for reasons beyond his control, pausing as visiting foreign affairs officials.

Another illusion of the ferocious tyrant was “Après moi, c’est moi” or “After me, it’s me). "Après nous, le déluge" ("After us, the deluge") is a French expression, attributed to Madame de Pompadour, the lover of King Louis XV of France. Credit was never duly given to Madame de Pompadour for paraphrasing her.

And there were other phrases that would also then become parts of Haitians’ daily discourse. “La révolution mangera ses propes fils” or “The revolution will consume or devour its own sons.” “La reconaissance est une "lâcheté,” was another one. So was reference never made to the very sad fate of the Revolutionaries, for example Maximilien Robespierre and Jean Danton -
like many others, both influential figures associated with the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. And more, that of Leon Trotsky and many others of their time and even long after they ceased to exist as human beings.

The same general notions he would particularly use to tell Haitians in explaining the decision of God to choose him, only him, and absolutely no one else, to govern the destiny of the already very sad Haitian people. What many Haitians then, in the privacy of their places of residence, referred to as a tragicomedy, while his immediate subalterns whooped in approval. “Á vie! Á vie” or “For life! For life!,” they all repeatedly shouted in unison, giving the other Haitians who were listening to the radio the impression that they were instead to a broken record – often used, especially in similes, to refer to a person's constant and annoying repetition of a particular statement or opinion.

Read more, such a horrible choice, that of the tyrant, helps explain why there was never a need for even a late Fidel Castro electoral contest-type, and one in which he would sure emerge as the victor candidate, with 99.9999 percent of the said votes cast, since no one else would be permitted to participate in such a political charade – one that would rather be an open and honest political contest, only if his diabolical-type government were not a totalitarian dictatorship.

Referring to a 1966 novel, The Comedians, by Graham Greene. A book that explored the political suppression and the practice of (state) terrorism through the figure of an English hotel owner, Brown. The same book one year later (1967) that would be turned into a film.

Also was an actor playing Papa Doc. The oppressor, a comedian, and prominently so, for invoking the name of God in the context of power grabbing. Was he honestly an amusing or entertaining person, one whose acts were designed to also, through the “Tontons Macoutes” (the Haitian Creole lingo phrase meaning “bogeymen) make an audience laugh? Some would answer such a question in the affirmative while others would otherwise describe him more as a murderous dictator who knew very well that religion, aided by absolute ignorance, as was always (and still) the case in many other lands, was the “opium of the dirt-poor inhabitants of the Caribbean corner.” Particularly for a people who practiced with two hands, meaning that they openly attended Catholic masses, and with regularity, while Voodoo, in the open, often was identified as the sort of religion that best helped understand those deemed uncivilized men and women; the analphabet men and women, was mainly and secretly practiced in the comfort of their homes.

There is more, the sure equivalent of the abstract idea, “Enemy of the people,” would later be used to increasingly place even his assumed political opponents in the category of those he was convinced had to bestially be sent into their early graves. “Crimes contre la sûreté de l‘état,” or literally “Crimes against State Security ,” were the words that also had the allure of demagoguery or fascism he often uttered in the aftermath of each one of so – the brutal slaughter of a large number of people. The same victims whose bullet-pierced bodies would remain on display in front of the national palace or nearby for hours after their sad end. The particular reason for so, to warn other would be political opponents of the fate that was awaiting them, if they dare mentioned even the words “President and politics” – even in the secrecy of their private living quarters.

And there was a particular reason for the utterance of those demagoguery words or those of fascist nature, to also say this incomparable grand barbarism. Those, the painful words of the same, to attempt to justify what he was not convinced at all to be his crime against the defenseless, innocent Haitian people and humanity. Sadly, the same notorious tyrant, even today, a significantly large number of Haitians still continue to revere for his intellect – one that only benefited him, his family members and cronies, not the Haitian populace as a whole. They, the Haitians just referred to, often say, in the French (with the trace of a heavy Haitian Creole lingo accent), and painfully it may be, “Oui, il était un criminel, mais jamais qu’on pouvait le comparer à son fils Jean-Claude qui n’était pas un lecteur éclectique ” or in the English, “Yes, he was a criminal, but never could we compare him to his son Jean-Claude who was not an eclectic reader;” his barely 19-year-old, playboy, porcine son he would name his successor, as he was dying, and with the rapidity of the French-Bristish distinctive needle-nosed Concorde plane, principally of complications from cardiovascular-derived diseases; the same then very young man he loudly told Haitians in a national address, mainly radio, since then having a television set was a bourgeoisie affair, shortly before the day of April 21, 1971, when he finally died, that “God had chosen, and only him, to take his people to the promise land.

Such an announcement, like numerous ones before, did not lack at all in demagoguery, fascism, and blood, too. So there was a large image of Jesus depicting him standing behind Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, who himself was sitting in an armchair or easy chair (one that could represent comfort or being comfortable), with Christ’s two hands resting on the shoulders of the little but porcine tyrant-in-waiting or Caribbean Greek Tyrannos.

Again, this tragicomedy, while the Tontons Macoutes, other high-placed government officials and those of the then military, all also Tonton Macoute-card carrier members, to reaffirm their loyalty to the brutal regime, particularly the dictator president, whooped in approval – for life, they repeatedly shouted. By way of comparison, overall an event that did not differ much from that of becoming a full member of the Mafia or Cosa Nostra – of becoming a “man of honor” – in that particular underworld, an aspiring member has to pass a Mafia initiation ritual. The ceremony involves significant ritual, oaths, blood, and an agreement is made to follow the rules of the Mafia as presented to the inductee.

But while the promise that long came before was fulfilled at the end of the Exodus from Egypt; Deuteronomy 1:8 says: See, I have given you this land; go in and take possession of the land that the LORD swore he would give to your fathers—to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—and to their descendants after them, but the latest declaration or assurance that on behalf of God will do a particular thing or because of him particular things, all in the positive terms, will happen, could rather be best understood in the context of more suffering for nearly all of the Haitians. This, as also affirmed by the continued reign of terror, of which the brutality of Baby Doc’s inherited private militia, the Tonton Macoutes, was prominently an integral part, was less in the open than during the time of his father.

Absolutely nothing else did change. As the young dictator’s notorious prisons, particularly Fort-Dimanche, or hole of sad death, as it used to also be referred to, continued to be one of the most oppressive centers of incarceration in the world; or where the torture of said inmates (since they were never sentenced by a court of law) was a daily affair, as was execution, after political prisoners were dragged off from their dirt-floor, rat-infested cells in the wee hours of the night; this, too, as were prisoners who had not yet been executed, after a severe beating, always saw themselves being forced to dig a common grave and then buried the bullet-pierced dead bodies of their departing cellmates, were meticulously documented by Amnesty International and many other rights groups; a group of Haitians, armed with guns and knives, on January 23, 1973 kidnapped Mr. Clinton Everett Knox, the then US Ambassador stationed in Haiti. Mr. Knox’s brief deprivation of liberty came as he was en route to his U.S. government-issued private residence. The Haitian kidnappers ended their journey in Mexico City with the 12 prisoners whose release they had demanded as part of the ransom. And so the ambassador was released, after their demands had been met.


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