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Letter: Is Argyle International Airport really a 'huge game-changer for us'?
Published on November 21, 2015 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

In a recent interview with a Canadian travel trade publication, Glen Beache, CEO of the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Tourism Authority, made a number of questionable assertions about Argyle International Airport (AIA):

1. AIA will now have its “opening date” delayed to March 2016 partly because “the search is ongoing for a CEO to oversee the airport after the top candidate had to bow out” and because “finishing touches” on the project are still ongoing.

2. Though this delay will mean missing the “winter sun market,” this is of little consequence because “the SVG diaspora travel year-round, especially in June and July.”

3. AIA is necessary because, “It’s always been about access and direct flights. This airport is a huge game-changer for us.”

4. “Airlines including Air Canada, Westjet and Sunwing are still top choices for direct routes from Canada once the airport opens.”

5. “Now that the airport is nearing completion, St Vincent and the Grenadines is seeing more interest from international hotel brands… An announcement from the Prime Minister should be coming soon.”

6. “St Vincent and the Grenadines will never be a mass-market destination… The current room count is about 2,100.”

None of these statements has any credibility.

Since I have already dealt with all but the first issue in a series of 16 essays documenting the folly of AIA (see below), only a short review is in order, especially with AIA seen as the crowning achievement of the entire 14-year Ralph Gonsalves regime in the December 9 election.

1. The March 2016 “opening date” is simply the latest in what are now at least four failed promises of the airport’s completion. The plain fact is that this government and its airport and tourism executives have no idea whatsoever of when the airport will be “operational” and no concrete plans ensuring that it will actually be “operating” once it is completed. It would be far better – and much more credible – for them to simply say it will be completed when it is finished, a tautology many of its ULP supporters have been using for years. More particularly, the “finishing touches” that Mr Beache refers to include work that others have shown will take years to complete.

The inability to recruit an airport CEO also speaks to the reluctance of reputable and experienced airline executives to align themselves with this bogus project.

2. This airport was never conceived or built to satisfy the Vincentian diaspora, whose members have never been reluctant to return home for a visit regardless of the alleged inconvenience of traveling through Barbados. It is being constructed to attract large numbers of non-Vincentian tourists.

3. All over the world, international airports were constructed or enlarged to meet an existing demand – too many visitors for the existing airport to handle and/or too many hotel rooms for the existing airport to service -- not to create a new or enhanced travel demand. There simply is no need for AIA based on our low travel demand. The only “need” for an airport lies in the need to win elections by satisfying the childish “airport-envy” of most Vincentians.

4. None of the “top choice” airlines has shown an iota of interest in making SVG its next “top choice” destination. Air Canada stopped servicing a prime travel destination like Trinidad and Tobago years ago due to low traveller demand; WestJet only services the powerhouse tourism destination of Barbados three times a week with 150-seat planes; and Sunwing doesn’t even fly to any Eastern Caribbean destination and only services the mature Jamaican tourist market on an irregular basis.

5. There is not a shred of evidence of any interest -- let alone “more interest” -- from “international hotel brands” in entering the Vincentian market. Nor is there any credible evidence that any small boutique hotel is willing to invest in the mainland of SVG. The so-called “memorandum of understanding” that Prime Minister Gonsalves claims an alleged group of Canadian investors has signed to build a small hotel in Kingstown and a large resort at Mt Wynne cannot be produced simply because it does not exist.

6. The 2,100 current room capacity that Mr Beache claims now exists encompasses the whole of SVG and has been grossly inflated to include unadvertised and hence unknown rooms in private homes or tiny guesthouses, which are therefore unavailable to potential visitors planning a trip here. More important, most high-priced rooms and other accommodation are located in the Grenadines, making them unreachable to potential visitors except via a flight from Arnos Vale/Argyle or a boat from Kingstown. Tourists who want to stay in the Grenadines have the more convenient and cheaper option of flying to our wondrous keys from Barbados, Grenada or St Lucia. As for the mainland, the maximum number of available rooms is around 750, hardly the basis for justifying a billion-dollar airport.

“Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight” (Proverbs 12:22).


This is the seventeenth in a series of essays on the folly of the proposed airport at Argyle. My other AIA pieces may be found at:

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C. ben-David
Reads: 10463

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Peter Binose:

David it already has been a great game changer, it has bankrupt SVG with the help of those greedy and selfish in the Diaspora. Those people whose children and grandchildren in 50 years hence will have forgot about SVG, whilst those living here will still be paying the bill for Ralphs folley.

By the way I am about to expose the latest fraud and lies on the airport.


C.ben-David this is the seventeen (17) times you told us you’re against us getting an “International Airport”… all right we get your pointlessness! And who’s listening eh ben, who’s listening….? Nobody aint listening ben, nobody!

The “Argyle International Airport” just completed its first test flight to check our PAPI system, and will soon be operational. SOON ben, SOON!

On the other hand, ‘wey yo want ben-David, blood? Yo war we fu jus tek your sledge hammer n bruk it up fo please who?…dat wat yo want! Nah, never! Go pound yo tongue wid it!

Wey yo want ben, WEY YO WANT? Please quit! Ah begging yo, please quit! Ley we jus wait n see nah!

C. ben-David:

Peter, I'm not sure how much you can blame those in the diaspora, most of whom are unable to vote (unless they are able to cheat about their short stay here during campaigns). The fact is that most people who have never left SVG by boat or plane are big-time supporters of the airport.

All of us share responsibility for this tragedy -- as do citizens around the world when they refuse to make an effort to question important but foolish government decisions -- and all of us will be suffer accordingly.

The main difference between First World countries and ours in this regard is many party faithful, sometimes even elected members of government, are the most strident critics of the policies of their own party with which they disagree. Not so in little SVG.


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