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Letter: Peter Binose could see into the future
Published on March 16, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

When Peter Binose wrote the articles below and several others on numerous sites around the Caribbean and internationally, he was in my opinion spot on correct to do so. Please read what he wrote it is an eye opener. Peter’s son alerted me to these pages, so please read them, even if you have read them before.

Russia invades St Vincent with stealth and dynasty collaboration between 2002 and 2015

Bought by the Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and now bought by the Russianese

Countries like St Lucia and St Vincent were bribed by Russia for very small change

I wrote about the ALBA secret last week, if you have not read it yet please do so.

Why was this meeting kept secret from the Vincentian people?

Now I will alert you to the Russian secret this week. The comrade was in discussion over something with a Russian delegation last week in Kingstown and he never pre-informed us and nothing has appeared in the online news agencies about it. It’s yet another secret.

Some deal must have been struck because at the weekend Russians from all over the Caribbean came in great cats and yachts and moored in Blue Lagoon where they joined the Russian delegation. They had an all night party by the pool with loud music at Blue Lagoon Hotel and drank copious amounts of vodka. They were celebrating, but the question is what?

Have they been sold an island? Are they going to use Argyle as a military hub? Are they bringing missiles? Are they the Russian Mafia? I know my mind is running riot, but what can you expect after reading Peter’s articles and all that has gone before with the Vincentian shafting in Canouan? And perhaps elsewhere we just do not know about yet.

Perhaps the deal is something as simple as having sold them the ET Joshua site and permission to build a new city. But the Russians were described to me as a bunch of mob like characters so anything is possible because we all know that due diligence goes out the window when Gonsalves smells money.

One thing for sure it will turn Kingstown into a ghost town and bankrupt all the small traders. Because if they build a new city we still have a non-functioning airport and the same amount of shoppers to share between two cities. So where will the new shoppers come from? The answer to that is quite simple, nowhere. You cannot produce more shoppers when you have turned more than half the citizens into peasants and bankrupted the existing businesses with enormous taxes, ridiculous import duties and increased VAT.

Robin Hood robbed the rich to give to the poor; Robbing Basthoods rob the poor to pay to themselves.

Secrets cause panic among the people as do lies told by the prime minister, as does all the accusations of sexual attacks and rape which in the minds of Vincentians have not been properly dealt with yet. Such matters that may hopefully be dealt with in the future.

It really is time to get rid of this bunch, or as Peter would have said the scum and the family owned ULP, the dynasty and the plantation owners of the plantation known as St Vincent.

I am told that he was at the party, but I am not sure that is true, but we will find out I am sure. Apparently there were hoards of beautiful Russian women there; I doubt he would want to miss that.

Sandra Bynoe

Thank you for your help Peter III [Пётр - Pyotr]

PS Peter III is Peter Binose’s grandson
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Allan H. F. Palmer:

Sandra my friend,

I like the way you think. With a political leader like Ralph E. Gonsalves we have all got a responsibility to become objective thinkers, unfortunately, there are too much sheep in SVG also unfortunately the grazing is scarce and they are hungry however they are to consume with their hunger to look up for a brief moment and realized that, the lack of grazing pasture is not because there is a drought, but because the wicked Prime Minister is so consumed with hate for Vincentian he have created a dam, ensuring that the lower lying areas are not properly watered and therefore living becomes difficult.

Sister Sandra you must also realized that the Media in SVG are trying to engaged the favor of the government to secure ads. While they are concern about getting meal, the ability of the nations to feeds it’s self is being destroyed by this parasite. So don’t be surprise that the Media did not pick this up. Because when Ralph Gonsalves calls the editors and request that they keep certain things quiet for the time being they all comply.

I know because I have dealt with most of them. Some of them were in cahoots with Ralph Gonsalves to try and put me at odds with CNN. Trying to hold back my articles and also what to tell me what I must and must not write, how I must express and must not express myself. I told them to pent their A2S and I stop submitting articles to them.

Ralph Gonsalves could be pushing St. Vincent and the Grenadines and he give them a personal phone call and pretend that he want a favor, telling each of them the same thing and they all will think they are special because a dishonest man who sits in a seat he stole call them personally and asked a favor. So Rusian Mafia like Characters was in SVG. Well next thing you will hear is we get some new investors to do a project. The man is a small time criminal and he feels right at home with the people who are like him Criminals. Sandra it is nice to meet you.


Allan, breaking news. Farmers here in St.Vincent & the Grenadines have received an order to supply four 40ft containers of quality Vincentian dasheen to the United States, every two weeks. Wow!

The first container of dasheen will be shipped to Miami this weekend. Last week a trial shipment sent to the participating suppermarkets for assessment included breadfruit and turmeric, among other produce.

What's your thought on this? Yet nothing is happening. While your party chatting rubbish, the ULP is taking care of business.

I'd visited your Facebook and I haven't seen any layout as you'd suggested. Pay a visit to Ceasar, Luke, Hans, or Camillo Facebook. And you will see what the government is up to. My brother, the NDP stand no chance of defeating the ULP. SVG is in capable hand!

Allan H. F. Palmer:

Well observer if that is true, which I don’t believe, to just request 4 forty foot container is saying nothing. Who have placed the order is there a sustainable market in Florida to continue this for a particular length of time. What per pound will these fruits be sold for, what mechanism has been put in place to ensure that the farmers are paid consistently on time. What kind of preparation facility was put in place to accommodate the cleaning and packaging of the fruits to be shipped, what type of grading system have been put into place to ensure that only a specific quality and nothing below that quality of fruit is shipped. What will be the monthly income into SVG from this project?

Are you sure that this new project that you are so excited about is not like the much about nothing cocoa project that you all became so excited about. Could it be Ralph Gonsalves is spending some of the drugs money to start this project to look like he is doing something? Guess what I know you do not have any answer for these questions.

Observer it is all find and well to speak of 4 forty foot but until you can answer the above questions, it is all to do about nothing.

Karibbean Kat:

Every time an election is about to be called they launch into the agriculture export nonsense that Observer refers to.

OBSERVER it appears you are more than just susceptible to all the ULP lies and crap. You actually believe it, which I suppose as a moron is only expected.

Remember September 10 2014, when they announced on another site In an Article Sabota Caesar said:

“The Ministry of Agriculture is hoping to export a 40-foot container of butternut squash to the UK every week.”
“ He further said “However, it is not going to be a one off export. It is something that is going to take place every week. Therefore, the technicians in the ministry, they are working out the programme so that they can place the intervals for planting so that we can have the requisite quantities available to secure our market space in the United Kingdom coming from St. Vincent and the Grenadines on a weekly basis,” Caesar said.”

Peter Binose with one of his usual wit-filled comment said to this article;

“One of the problems we have in SVG is that we have so many inexperienced people running around trying to put deals together, what they are doing is frightening. 6 X 40′ containers will carry up to 132 tons depending how it is packed. About a 100 tons if the produce is packed in export box’s.”

“So that is perhaps 5000 tons a year from virtually stand still. The grading will be important and they will need to grow 10,000 to 15,000 tons of produce before grading. There will then be 5 to 10,000 tons of lower grade to try and absorb into the Caribbean markets. I think they just haven’t thought it through, or it’s another set of lies. “

He further wrote

“The market in the UK is usually flooded with root crop from West & East Africa. Because of the Eboli epidemic the UK importers have more or less stopped importing from West Africa. There is a big gap, which unfortunately all our competitors now know about.”
“ The Chinese produce over a 80 million tons a year, half of which is used as animal feed.

In 2009 the UK imported about 39,000 tons of sweet potato. The US grow about a million tons annually and traditionally export to the UK superb quality, tubers‘.”

“I just hope and pray that they don’t wind the Vincentian farmers up to overproduce one or two items, only to see the whole thing collapse when the West African suppliers kick back in again. They have a supply and prices that we will never be able compete with.”

“Remember the fish and vegetables that we had a weekly order from the US? Well they sent a consignment and that’s all gone boss-eyed. Another disaster, I heard they didn’t get paid.”

“I wrote in the first sentence “what they are doing is frightening”. They have not currently got the product and quantity to ship, but have told the whole Caribbean and South America what we are doing. They are so looking for red star points for the electioneering process that they shoot their mouth off and alert competitors who may well have the produce available now.”

“For goodness sake can someone stick some Duct/Gaffer tape over the mouths of these silly inexperienced little boys.”

In yet another article of August 26 2014 Caesar claimed 6 40ft containers of root vegetable to be shipped to the UK.

Peter wrote some scathing comments on that also.

Of course we all now know that was all nonsense and lies by the ULP, what they did achieve was not getting paid for the one-off shipments and losing us another barrow load of money. This will probably repeat itself now with this latest anouncment.

But is this simply another repeat of history as the ULP prepare for a snap election in 2017.


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