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Letter: The new city - Part 1
Published on March 15, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

PM Gonsalves, I know you have already brought investors into St Vincent and the Grenadines to look at the site of the now decommissioned ET Joshua Airport because you have publicly expressed your desire to put a new city on the land. It is my opinion that you are not a bright man, and the people around you refuse to use their heads to think. I am also of the opinion that it will not be fair to me and the future of St Vincent and the Grenadines if I sit back and allow you and Julian Francis to sort this issue of the new city out on your own. This issue of utilizing the land on which the ET Joshua Airport sat gives me the opportunity to put on display my high level of intelligence; as well as my analytical and other skill.

I will not sit idly by and allow you to make the same mistakes you made with the airport at Argyle. Your poor management, inadequate planning, the blatant misappropriation of state funds and inappropriate financing mechanism of that project resulted in an over escalation of the cost of the airport and it will not be certified within the next four or so years. This means that the project will not began to achieve its potential before that time and, as a result, the country will have to carry that burden of its daily operational cost as well as its maintenance and repair cost of this facility.

I am also aware that you are trying to salvage whatever remains of your legacy. I will let you know you will be remembered for all of the sexual scandals, sexual accusations and for wrecking the nation’s economy, rather than anything you ever do. In other words don’t rush to salvage your legacy, a hasty man makes to many foolish mistakes.

Let me take the time to highlight how incompetent you are; I do this as an aid, to get you to proceed with caution in tackling this project. The development of St Vincent and the Grenadines is not about you or the restoration of your legacy but it is about creating a better place for the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines today and positioning SVG for a better future.

Now a private jet arrived at the airport at Argyle in St Vincent and the Grenadines, with potential investors in the new city. Among the investors that you met at the airport at Argyle was the reputed and convicted criminal, Dr Conrad Maury, the man who was convicted for the homicide of Michael Jackson. You denied in a press conference that you knew Maury was a part of the potential investors until someone pointed it out to you.

How idiotic of you, being a head of government of a sovereign nation, meeting with investors and you did not have a file on each person that outlines who they are (their identity), their criminal history if they have one, their assets, the type of and investment history, as well as their interest in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Such a background check is so easy to do that there is no excuse; you can make to justify your ignorance of the people you met with. In the future, before you meet with any investors, you must have background checks that give you the knowledge of the persons:

1. Identity
2. Criminal history if they have one
3. Their assets
4. Their business interest
5. Business history.

It is foolish to try and negotiate from a place of desperation. When we do such we end up with investors like David Ames, the Canoun investors, people like Dr Roller, etc. – people who steal from our country and take advantage of our citizenry. Please be mindful that you are not running that failed law practice that you had and are so afraid to return to; however, you are running a country.

The Issue of the City

On the issue of the proposed city on the site of the decommissioned ET Joshua airport, there are some very important things you must take into consideration, and primary of those are: we must build a city for near future use. As a result, we must also consider near future us as well as distant future use of that city. Each city has a useful life span, after which the tearing down and rebuilding period starts, where we see new and modern building designs produced and utilizing new building technological advancement. In most case taller buildings are designed and constructed to accommodate rapid population growth, etc.

There are other things that come with increased population, such as larger vehicle traffic, larger volume of pedestrians, an increased volume of waste, etc., therefore the layout of the city must have some elements of distant future development associated with it. Knowing how anxious you are to see a city built; I will tell you this simple fact, the development of a new city, even a small city, is a 30- to 40-year project. Therefore, it was not a smart move to bring investors to see the proposed area for development at this stage, unless you are planning to sell the lands to them wholesale to fatten your own pocket.

When we talk of a new city, there are some things we must take into account before potential investors are invited to look at the area. This will prevent the same types of bumble that occurred with the airport at Argyle. It is called basic planning. To save St Vincent and the Grenadines the type of problem you are known to create, I have taken the time and I did all of the research and, after looking at a photograph of the site to be developed on the internet, along with the little knowledge of the land that encompasses the site on which the ET Joshua airport lay, from my measurement, I estimate that there are about 281 acres of land that make up that site, give or take 100 feet.

We cannot have a squat like venture going on at this site, because this is an opportunity for a well-planned venture; we must pay attention to the following things:

a) Proper survey of the area
b) Standard dimensional blocks,
c) Well laid out streets,
d) Well laid out curbside parking
e) Well laid out sidewalk,
f) Well laid out gutters
g) Road gradient that will facilitate adequate and consistent water runoff.

To be continued…

Allan H. F. Palmer
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C. ben-David:

Why are you getting so worked up about a project that would never happen?


Here we go again. Multi talented Allan H Palmer, aviation expert. Wow!
Palmer, research these two organizations, and see what they have in common. The (Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority/International Civil Aviation Organization).

PM Gonsalves already put that to rest during his recent budget presentation. Arnos Vale seems to be on your mind? Had the government waited 20 more years, we wouldn't be discussing Arnos Vale transformation. I do agree this is a long term project. The government will put in the infrastructure. Where are the cheerleaders? Those folks who were protesting against the Mtwynne Peters Hope development project. The entire land almost clear up. The next phase would be construction.


When everything finalized, and all the infrastructure in place, then we Will see structures going up. Ben is all talk, and no action. Has been a coward all his life.

Someone shared a Facebook page, of one of our talented Vincentian, who grew up in Glamorgan, and Victoria village. This gentleman, name is Mr. Maxton Ralph Scotland. He's currently a PHD candidate in
England. Congratulations Maxton on all you've accomplished to date, I wish you continued success in the future.

Allan H. F. Palmer:

Observer bro,

You are correct on that I am multi Talented, Yahweh have blessed me with a good brain and provided the opportunity for me to learn many things. I have lots of underutilized skills, wait for part two, to see the magnitude of my scope of thinking.

You are wrong Arnos Vale is not on my mind, the under development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is on my mind. The foolish waste of resources by Ralph Gonsalves is on my mind, the self-enrichment program that parliamentarian are undertaking is on my mind, the fear that it is Gonsalves plan to sell out those land whole sale is on my mind. I am not a sheep like you, I am a proactive partiot who understands Ralph E. Gonsalves silly mind and the magnitude of hare he harbors for Vincentians. A hate that flows from self-hate that is transfer.

We have to tackle the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines from in front and by anticipating the dirty move of the people who fools like you cheer on. So big may I know you don't have balls and you are not one who will push against the grain. However if you drink some black fish oil, it may jump start your brain and then you can start thinking on your own. You can see the actual lay out by visiting my Facebook page where I post a design of what is possible at the site at Arnos Vale.


I am quite aware of your anger and frustration, but Sir, you are fixated on Ralph Gonsalves. Where were you when Gonsalves made repeated calls for locals to invest?

You guys always engage in some sort of mischief. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, let's see if you have balls. Allan, whether you agree or not, SVG, has made tremendous progress under the leadership of Ralph E Gonsalves. To prove me wrong, conduct a nation wide survey, and you will see the essence of what I'm advocating.

Allan, if an election were held tomorrow, do you think the NDP, stand a chance of winning? My brother, what I admire most about Dr Gonsalves, his intellect. Look at the number of Vincentians, across the Caribbean, that are validictron, its unprecedented.

All across the globe our people are placed in top position. You see, our flag are flown high. That's what makes me proud to be called a VINCY!

At least you came up with alternative, but not that loser called C Ben David. My brain is fully intact. I'll check your Facebook to see the layout.


Observer you are so blinded that you cannot see or choose to ignore Mr Palmer’s points of fact.

C. Ben-David at least got it right about the airport and you cannot even see that. Yes he does not suggest alternatives; he is simply negative quite positively. But that does not make him wrong; it’s not necessarily his job to do other than what he does, which he does well.

Mr Palmer has made many seriously correct points, he suggest alternatives, he is simply positive about being negative and rightly so. But that does not make him wrong; it’s not necessarily his job to do other than what he does, which he does well.

All in all Mr Observer you are positively negative about negative matters that you are actually unable to see. Blinded by party politics and the belief they and the big man can do no wrong. So why not write something yourself and let us comment on what you present.

Self opinion is sometime a negative thing especially when we declare there is nothing wrong with our brains.


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