Development of wind energy in St Lucia remains on track


CASTRIES, St Lucia — The development of Saint Lucia’s first wind farm is still on stream.

The project developer, Steve DeWolf of WindTex Energy, recently visited Saint Lucia and held discussions with the minister responsible for energy, Stephenson King. The meeting provided a platform to discuss and resolve challenges and barriers to continued development of the wind farm. It was also an opportunity for government to reaffirm its commitment to the development of wind energy.

A Cabinet memorandum will be submitted and government is considering land acquisition, concessions and other contributions for the advancement of the project.

The energy minister has assured that government will support the project once it redounds to the benefit of the ordinary man.

Residents can expect greater advancements in wind development in the coming year.



  1. Yes, just what the territory needs. A wind farm right in the middle of a hurricane prone area. They will be looking for more aid to rebuild them before they are even completed. Makes about as much sense as putting up solar panels in the same area for the same reason. Why not address the real problem that perhaps modern life is just not sustainable in this area before throwing more good money after bad. Time to move on!


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