Civil servants from Anguilla receive training in national energy efficiency strategy

Presentation made at the workshop held in Anguilla under the theme “Zero Investment and Revenue Generating Energy Management Program”

THE VALLEY, Anguilla — Member states of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) are pursuing efforts towards energy efficiency, which is a major driver of economic development in the region. Hence, civil servants participated in a two and a half day training held in Anguilla under the theme “Zero Investment and Revenue Generating Energy Management Program”.

Participants to the workshop included policemen, teachers, firefighters, and government officers. The group has been trained to frame a collective strategy aiming at achieving building energy consumption management in their workplace but also at the national level through a government driven plan of action.

The training was organised by programme coordinator Judith Ephraim and programme officer Martin Rufenach of the OECS Sustainable Energy Unit. Both shared their experience regarding the energy efficiency strategy implemented at the OECS headquarters in Saint Lucia since 2014.

“We have put in place an energy management programme at the OECS Commission in Saint Lucia two years ago that includes incentives for employees, which resulted in a 20 percent decrease in our electricity consumption,” Ephraim noted.

Through this successful programme, both environmental specialists attested that energy savings are achievable by the implementation of zero cost measures combined with a sensitisation campaign to foster engagement of employees. The programme has also been promoted in Antigua and Montserrat.



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