Letter: Talking about elections


Dear Sir:

On May 20 elections were held in Venezuela. As expected, certain figures of the Venezuelan opposition parties did not recognize the results of those elections. To these can be added the US government and some puppets of the Empire, which currently occupy the presidency of a number of countries due to rigged elections or maneuvers of the United States, which cannot be described as representing the feelings of their people.

One of the approaches that have been handled by these people is the level of abstention that was revealed in the Venezuelan elections.

Those who express this take care to mention that, in the US elections, approximately 50 percent of those who could vote did not vote, so abstentionism is not an exclusive quality of the Venezuelan elections.

The elections are called, the voters know the day they will take place, but a group of these, for certain reasons, decide not to appear at the polls. This has not been a reason to declare that the elections of a country, say the United States, where about half of the population does not participate, lack legitimacy; at least, I have never heard someone put forward that argument.

As for the percentage of the votes obtained by each candidate, it is calculated on the basis of the people who voted, not based on those who had the right to vote.

In the 2012 elections, of the more than 125 million people who voted, Barack Obama obtained 65.9 million, or 51.9 percent. His rival, Mitt Romney received the vote of 60.9 million people, 47.2 percent.

The electoral contest of the year 2016 had its own characteristics, of the 231.5 million registered to vote, only 137 million voted. Of those who exercised the vote, 62.9 million did so for Donald Trump, who reached 45.1 of the votes. His opponent Hillary Clinton obtained 65.9 percent of the votes cast, which represented 48.2 percent of these.

Nobody protested because Trump, with three million votes fewer than Hillary was nominated president. The US electoral system allows something like this to happen.

Venezuela has its own electoral system. Maduro received 67.7 percent of the votes cast, the opposition that most approached received 27.3 percent of the votes.

Everyone in their country complies with the established system and nobody can, capriciously, ignore the electoral results as long as the vote is carried out according to the laws of the country.

In the case of Venezuela, the declarations of non-recognition are motivated by following the instructions of the imperial master.


Dr Néstor García Iturbe



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