Letter: Suriname opposition condemns Venezuela election


Dear Sir:

DA’91 characterizes the elections that were held in Venezuela on May 20 as an absolute all time low in the political history of South America. The elections took place in an environment where the political freedoms have been curtailed, the election authorities are on the leash of dictator Maduro and many candidates are excluded from active participation. As was said by the secretary-general of the OAS: “There can be no democracy without elections, but yesterday Maduro proved that there can be elections without democracy.”

DA’91 totally disapproves of the manner of preparation and execution of the elections in Venezuela. Being a liberal democratic party we characterize these elections as a farce and the results lack any credibility. The people of Venezuela, our friends, have, despite all of this, delivered a message of hope to all of us on the continent. The disciplined and massive refusal to participate in ‘pseudo-elections’, provides the conviction and guarantee that democracy will return to Venezuela”.

The worst that can happen is the continuation of the dictatorial regime of Maduro. A regime that has completely dismantled democracy. It is known that 14 countries, united in the Lima Group, among which Brazil, Argentina and St Lucia, have recalled their ambassadors out of protest. The United States of America has announced harsher sanctions. The Venezuelan missions in many countries received the message that the election of Maduro was not in line with international standards for free, fair and transparent democratic processes.

DA’91 is not indifferent about the developments in Venezuela. We have, at several occasions called on our Parliament and government to revise their position of supporting repression. Even now no reaction was heard of the Bouterse government on the illegitimate elections in Venezuela. After the recent visit to Brazil, the question is will it be a congratulations or a reprimand?

Being the democrats we are, we will, given the developments in Venezuela, once again make an urgent call on the Bouterse government to position itself in such a manner that can be translated as being a proponent of a speedy solution with the aim to take the correct measures and undertake those initiatives, individually as well as collectively, in order to have the rule of law and democracy re-enter the Republic of Venezuela.




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